our expertise


Market Research
Meticulous research is behind everything we do. We collect and analyze data – studying both the time-tested and the emerging media  trends – to understand exactly how our targets consume and use media. We figure out the best way to capitalize on the information we uncover.
Strategic Media Planning & Buying
We guide clients through the maze of media and technology options to a streamlined, focused plan. Then, we execute wisely, leveraging our contacts and buying power, to ensure that the all-important message reaches the right audience for the most impactful and sustained impression.
Traditional Media
Traditional media is still very viable.There are more ways than ever to consume television, radio and print. At Amedia, we strive to always look at the conventional with fresh eyes and continue to find the best outlets to meet client goals.
Digital & Mobile Marketing
We are at the forefront of all digital and mobile trends and tactics. With so many exciting
platforms, we recognize the importance of integration – reaching targets at every possible touchpoint and mixing it up to stay relevant.
Social Media
Using innovative social media strategies, we work to turn customers into advocates for the
brands and organizations we represent. The tactics we recommend inspire thinking that leads
to awareness, engagement and loyalty.